07 September 2010

The return of the eyelet.

Honestly, I forgot about them. They sit in a little plastic container on the 3rd shelf in front of my scrapbook desk. I haven't used them in years, probably. Well I pulled them out tonight along with my silent setter and added not one - but two - to the page I was creating. I took this photo of my husband back in 2007 when we lived on Fort Lewis. The photo reminds me of a 50's badass; like on Grease or something. I tried to bring the 50's look into the page by adding the record. Since it was solid black, it looked like a big black circle to me - so I added the stitching to bring out the fact that it was a record. Then thought silver accents would kick up the badass-ness that I was going for. I added the title (title credit to Dane Cook) and thought eyelets would really tie everything together. It's an extremely simple page but I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. Guy-themed layouts can be pretty difficult - they really don't make enough guy-ish paper; but man-layouts usually tend to be some of my favorites. :)


  1. Beautiful Holli!!!have a very nice day,Jolanda

  2. Great page, Holli. I need to follow your example and use some eyelets. I have a ridiculous number of them in my stash.

  3. wat een geweldige lay-out
    bedankt voor de lieve reacties op mijn blog.

    en een leuke dag
    XX carla